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Get started the first step is to open a browser and go to Once you’re on the website you’ll see a signup from where you need to fill up your details like your email address password and you need to confirm your password after that you need to agree on their terms and agreements. And then process to enroll nowyou need to verify your account by clicking the verification link sent to the email you provided, remember that this is a free and legit method also it’s very popular with young people it’s very convenient, because you can just stay in the comfort of your home.

No investment no need for skill or experience it can be done repeatedly and it’s only gonna take few minutes of your time. Make sure that you’ll focus and will follow closely on every step. Now that you have verified your account you will be rooted to a page where you need to sign in. After signing in you will be welcomed with a challenge that you need to complete. So you will earn points that can be converted into cash that will get to know you and ask fore some details like your paypal account.

Because they will send your payments there, they’ll ask for your language where you live your phone number and they’ll also ask about your availability. There also going to be a lot of questions about you that you need to answer and after that you’re done with your registration on your dashboard you will see some kind of progress meter.

It’s a count that will start to move every time you take a test its goal is to reach the finish line for you to make progress and to receive tests or missions to complete take a test which is answering some paul questions you should answer as many polls as you can so the website can determine what kind of test is best for you. Just keep answering as many as you can until your test will pop up remember when I mentioned that there is a bonus tip that could double or triple your earnings is discovered this trick and I’m excited to share with you.